Welcome to the Scandinavian Society of Cincinnati!

The purpose of this society is to promote appreciation and understanding of Scandinavian heritage and culture. Our members are native born Scandinavians, persons of Scandinavian lineage, and persons interested in Scandinavia. We accomplish our purpose through several programs:

1. Holding regular dinners and other meetings to celebrate the traditional Scandinavian holidays and events.
2. Stimulating interest in Scandinavian cooking through occasional ethnic cooking interest meetings.
3. Sponsoring Scandinavian entertainment at our meetings and elsewhere.
4. Staying informed about Scandinavia by drawing on our pool of Scandinavians.
5. Funneling information about Scandinavia to our members through our associate membership in the American-Scandinavian Foundation.
6. Donating funds for cultural and educational activities of interest through the Foundation.
7. Encouraging reading of Scandinavian literature through a monthly readers group.
8. Supporting writing of individual memoirs and family histories through a monthly writing group, calling themselves the Scandinavian Scribblers.

For more information, please contact us at: scandinaviancincy@gmail.com or call.

Lone Soto, President, lone.soto@gmail.com
Kerstin, Directory & Membership Chair